Akki women’s angel wing pendant necklace 70 cm choose colour silver/rose gold red green yellow green angel wings wing chain hanging angel Swarovski crystal necklace gift Rose-Gold

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The elegant angel wings pendant necklace in the brand Morella continues to be refined with sparkling zirconia gemstones. The pendant is appropriate for chains having a thickness as high as 5 mm. The angel wings pendant is 4. cm lengthy and 1.5 cm wide. The angel wings pendant is supposed to function as a lucky charm and also to safeguard you. The pendant can also be ideal as a present for buddies and relatives.

Enable your inspiration and creativeness really shine with this particular elegant, high-quality bit of jewellery.
The jewellery gemstones set by hands, Akki jewellery gives your outfit a stylish, classic look.
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Sparkling highlights around the wrist, fashionable pendants, rings, chain beads and coins in the present colours of year can be found in an assorted selection, the sale the perfect factor for each taste, every requirement and each budget. Akki attaches the finest importance towards the quality and workmanship of the products plus they stick to the the latest fashions.Enjoy choice and variety within our range.

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