ADESHOP Sexy Womens High Waisted Leggings, Women Egyptian Cat Stamp Hippie Gothic Skinny Casual Pants Tights Leggings (L, Black)

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Through the design process we have consulted and collected inspiration from the best yogis within the Yoga cosmos.
We create each product in the bottom up, taking great proper care of everything, in the materials accustomed to the look and fit, just like you increase your practice in the foundation to complicated poses and hard exercises.

About us:

We feel Yoga is really a practice that encompasses every aspect of existence, not only the physical.
It offers philosophy, breath and spirituality. It isn’t about that has the very best body or can perform probably the most advanced pose, but it is about living existence in in a certain style.
It comes down to how you approach your existence and also the world surrounding you.

We’ve considered the little details in every top quality piece we create to suit together with your distinct lifestyle and fashion sense.
Our yoga pants incorporate a hidden pocket within the waistband and a pair of outdoors pockets to stash your essentials and go wallet free.
Our yoga pants are produced from a mix of 4 way Stretch Fabric and is made to remove moisture out of your body, supplying maximum comfort.
Elastic waistband for comfortable fit, stretchy construction for greater freedom of motion.

The greater our line performs, the much deeper yogis will go using their practice, and also the more profound the results of yoga have been in their lives.
A group of technicians research and develop new pieces that still evolve performance yoga put on toward the long run.
Each bit compresses, lifts and shapes your body, and keep muscles warm, enabling the wearer to do set to their maximum.
Things are anti-microbial and dry-wicking. Our fabric is made to contour perfectly for your body, providing you with an efficient look.

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