Mina Heal Pointed Pendant Made of Pink Rose Quartz Crystal with 18″ Metal Necklace Chain

  • SIMPLE BUT STYLISH: This can be a pointed and faceted very pendant, with natural rose quarta movement gem pendant that’s about 40 x 15mm in proportions with a 18″ metal chain. This pendant necklace is really a beautiful piece that suits well with much of your outfits.
  • HEALING STONE: Rose quarta movement is really a love stone that’s frequently accustomed to open energy out of your Heart Chakra for your lower and upper Chakras. Connecting your Minds energy for your libido. Rose quarta movement can also be frequently used to increase sexual satisfaction and need in females.
  • BEAUTIFUL & ATTRACTIVE: The fair and wonderful Rose Quarta movement, using its gentle pink essence, is really a stone from the heart, a very of unconditional love. It has a soft feminine energy of empathy and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and luxury.
  • NATURAL & GENUINE: The rose quarta movement gem is found in South america. The pointed and faceted pendant is handcrafted with no treatment or dyeing. Each piece is exclusive and it has a tale.
  • POINTED AND FACETED Very: Putting on a pointed and faceted very pointed pendant necklace enables you to definitely take advantage of its qualities. Your very pointed pendant will emit effective vibrations and frequencies that effect all of your being.

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