Joe Cool Bead String Necklace Plain Silver Bead Made With Millefiori Glass & Glass

Bead String Necklace Plain Silver Bead Created Using Millefiori Glass & Glass
This beautiful necklace bead strand is made utilizing a glass working technique referred to as ‘millefiori’ in the Italian ‘mille’ – 1000 and ‘fiori’ -flowers. It calls for creating a design with bits of glass after which heating and drawing (pulling) the put together design to create ‘canes’ which carry the look across the entire length. The canes will be reduce short lengths and also the pieces are utilized to create colourful and different jewellery or products for example vases and paperweights. The process was including developed and exploited through the glass workers around the island of Murano near Venice and previously millefiori beads, referred to as trade beads, were utilised like a currency.

  • A and stylish jewel
  • Constitutes a wonderful gift for just about any occasion
  • Beautiful design doesn’t go from fashion.

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