Genuine Amber Necklace – Polished Mixed Color Beads – Knotted Between Beads – Authentic Baltic Amber – (Mixed, 34)

What’s Baltic Amber?

Baltic Amber is fossil of resin that’s like sap which created over 45millions years of age from Baltic ocean region of Europe. While not a mineral, it’s generally considered a gem. A typical misconception is the fact that Amber consists of tree sap. Sap may be the fluid that circulates via a plant’s vascular system, while resin may be the semi-solid amorphous organic substance secreted in pockets and canals through epithelial cells from the tree.

Why you need to choose us?

We guarantee the finest cost and quality
Good customer care acquired through experience
Professional packing
Large number of styles, sizes and colors

  • 100% GENUINE BALTIC AMBER – We be certain that our products are manufactured from genuine Baltic Amber beads. All gemstones are authentic and natural! Every item has a sales brochure that contains the amber authenticity certificate, introducing amber and directions regarding how to use and care after your products.
  • Hand crafted – Our products are constructed with carefully sorted and inspected beads to insure highest quality products for the satisfaction. Carefully created for durability and safety.
  • The Product – This necklace consists of natural Baltic amber beads in Mixed colors. All necklaces are manufactured from polished amber beads. Each necklace includes a plastic screw and therefore are safety knotted. Length: 32 cm.
  • MEASURE – It is crucial to determine before you purchase. Please choose the best size to prevent your time and effort getting wasted on product returns and exchanges.
  • FEEL SAFE BUYING – We’re giving twelve months money-back guarantee! Buy with full confidence!

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