Eagsouni Women’s Chinese Traditional Phoenix Embroidered Shoes Dancing Ballet Casual Loafers Oxfords Sole Red EU 39

Size Chart:
2.5 United kingdom Size = 34 EUR = Feet Length 216-220mm
3 United kingdom Size = 35 EUR = Feet Length 221-225mm
3.5 United kingdom Size = 36 EUR = Feet Length 226-230mm
4 United kingdom Size = 37 EUR = Fit for feet lenth 231-235mm
5 United kingdom Size = 38 EUR = Fit for feet lenth 236-240mm
5.5 United kingdom Size = 39 EUR = Feet Length 241-245mm
6.5 United kingdom Size = 40 EUR = Feet Length 246-250mm
7.5 United kingdom Size = 41 EUR = Feet Length 251-255mm

1. The Dimensions are measured by manual, please allow approximately ±0.5-1cm tolerance. Compare the chart size together with your ft length carefully before ordering.
2. This item may not wear some perfume when opened up, please kindly ventilate it for some time before putting on.
3. Size Instruction: Our dimensions are smaller sized than usual, Please pick one size bigger than your usual size!
4. Monitor, surrounding light and various concept towards the color and so forth, each one of these will modify the picture color. Please kindly allow this color variation existing

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