Coresteady Resistance Bands | Assisted Pull Up Band | Exercise Workout Bands for CrossFit – Powerlifting – Yoga – Stretch Mobility Exercise (One per sale) for Men and Women


5 Different Levels:

• Red – Lightest (7 – 15kg resistance)
• Black – Light (10 – 30kg resistance)
• Crimson – Medium (15 – 40kg resistance)
• Eco-friendly – Strong (22 – 56kg resistance)
• Blue – Most powerful (30 – 80kg resistance)

Material – Natural Latex
Band Circumference – 208cm (continuous loop)

Each order includes a single gang of the dimensions you select. If you’d like to buy multiple bands of the identical size or of various sizes, simply add these to your basket before you decide to checkout.

Pull-ups – Improve your strength and make muscle.
Versatile – Selection of band sizes and workout choices for all muscles.
Portable – Use at your home, during a workout session or on the run.
Greatest Quality – 100% natural latex.
Physical Rehabilitation – Well suited for injuries rehabilitation and improved mobility.

For building mass, lean muscle mass definition or achieving weight reduction, there are a number of exercise options to select from.

Red – Stretching & mobility exercises
Black – Light strength training (arm curl, shoulder press, pushups)
Crimson – Strength training (squats, deadlift, upright row)
Eco-friendly – Pull-ups (bodyweight between 45kg – 90kg)
Blue – Pull-ups (bodyweight above 90kg)

Selecting the best band depends upon your height of strength and weight. Please watch our pull-up and workout guides within the photos section if you’re unsure which band to buy.

*Lifetime Warranty* If you’re not 100% pleased with you buy the car, simply tell us and we’ll refund you entirely. Please be aware this item’s warranty is non-transferable and just valid with purchases made from Coresteady.

Click “Increase Basket” let’s focus on a danger free purchase.

  • STRENGTH / Versatility / Injuries PREVENTION – Enhance your strength and flexibility across all major muscles. Our natural stretch material enables for controlled muscle tension in multiple directions, well suited for stretching, strength training and versatility exercises be responsible for positive health effects for example improved posture, mobility and core strength.
  • PULL-UPS / CROSSFIT / YOGA – The right tool that will help you together with your aided pull-ups, dips or muscle-ups. The versatile nature in our bands make sure they are well suited for all fitness regimes from CrossFit and powerlifting, to Yoga and Bikram yoga. If you’re unsure which band to select from, please watch our pull-up and workout guides left.
  • Superior Quality – Produced from multiple layers of natural latex with an emphasis on durability, our top quality bands are tailored to five different resistance levels for light, medium or heavy workouts.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – For the reassurance. If you don’t be 100% satisfied, we’ll happily provide you with a refund on any purchase produced from us.
  • Crimson BAND (Level Of Resistance – MEDIUM) – This purchase is perfect for just one crimson band (15kg – 40kg). Length 208cm (one continuous loop) Width 3.2cm Thickness 4mm.

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