Baltic Amber Collar For Dogs and Cats with Adjustable Metal Chain | Anti Ticks and Fleas Amber Necklace | Made from Natural Raw Amber (25-30 cm)

The colour of amber and period of necklace can slightly change from the main one within the photo because all amber pieces will vary and also the method is hand crafted.

  • Amber Collars is really a natural protection for cats and dogs against ticks and flicks. 100% hand crafted from raw Baltic amber.
  • Amber necklace contains natural essential oils which in turn causes a raw material smell. Ticks can seem to be it and begin to feel uncomfortable. Furthermore, amber collar comes with an electrical resistance. Once the dog is moving, amber necklace is rubbing towards the fur, thus electric field forms helping to prevent ticks.
  • Amber necklaces are stringed on strong synthetic fiber and it has metallic clasp.
  • Metal chain enables to increase how big the necklace by 5 cm.
  • All products are manufactured from the greatest quality, authentic Baltic amber, therefore all are certified

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