Anglewolf 3 Pieces Women’s Dirndl Bavarian Beer Girl Oktoberfest Cosplay Costumes Costume Tavern Maid for Ladies Flirty French Halloween Fancy Sexy Clubwear Fashion Elegant Evening Dress(Red,M)

Size Chart(Unit:cm/inch):

Size:M—– Bust:86-90cm/33.9-35.4″—– Waist:72cm/28.3″—– Length:92cm/36.2″

Size:XL—– Bust:94-98cm/37.-38.6″—– Waist:78cm/30.7″—– Length:95cm/37.4″

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★About Product★

Please see the size detials, then select a appropriate size for you and your families. Any doubts about my products,feel free just message me whenever, I can help you .Appreciate your support !

★About Delivery★

For those who have any question or trouble concerning the delivery, whether or not you purchased already or you haven’t purchased yet, please message me whenever ,I promise I’ll reply you in five minuts ~ 8 hrs, then provide you with acceptable solutions and solutions.

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