AMDXD 925 Silver Earrings Round Shape Ladies Earrings Women Stud Earrings White Cubic Zirconia

AmDxD¡ª¡ªLet your existence be Colorful

Brand Description:AmDxD is really a European style Jewellery Brands.We’ve received good feedback in lots of countries, Superior quality, Fast shipping, Perfect service and also the integrity of the trademark concept, Now increasing numbers of people choose “” AmDxD “”

Brands Culture:To become jewellery brand which obtaining the reliable and gratification of consumers.
&#9825¡ªHigh Quality
&#9825¡ªSincerely and Eternally
&#9825¡ªProfessional and Ambiance
&#9825¡ªPositive and Innovative

For the Buddies:You’re my mate and need you may be happy and health every single day.
For couples:“You’re mine, I’m yours.” A present full of love.
To see relatives:I really like you and also thanks! Wish you healthy and happy every single day.
For colleagues:Best of luck. An excellent gift for you working partner.

As a present: It’s appropriate for: weddings, Wedding anniversaries, Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s,Every occasion. Good Surprise!
Quality Assurance:Should you face using these problems: loose stone, color change, don’t received the merchandise or get the wrong product, etc.We’ll decide to resend for you or give a 100 % refund. We’ll reply you within 24 hrs !!!

Service Assurance:
&#9825¡ªWe will select a faster shipping method.
&#9825¡ªWe provide a number of jewellery.
&#9825¡ªWe provide a professional and friendly service.

  • Made from 925 Silver,hypo-allergenic.
  • A way ladies product, appropriate on your own or perhaps a gift for the buddies
  • Like a BEST Gift to a loved one and care.
  • Have a Blue “AmDxD” Gift Bag.
  • For those who have any question,please call us,we’ll surely cope with your condition.

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