925 Sterling Silver Vintage Look Round Halo Accent Women’s Wedding Engagement Promise Ring (N)

Please be aware that carat pointed out about this listing is simply a reference combined with comparative stone measurements for simplified and simple terminology. This isn’t the metric unit carat which measures 200 milligrams and for that reason shouldn’t be wrongly identified as the actual carat of the natural gemstone that are physically measured to derive and convert the particular carat. Please also observe that the stone size may slightly vary based on actual finger sizes

  • ✔HIGH QUALITY: 925 Silver Ring Encrusted Round Halo Setting with Brilliant Round Cut 5 mm Stone.
  • ✔DESIGN: Beautiful Elegant and Intricately Designed Wedding Diamond Engagement Ring featuring a Perfect 5 mm Brilliant Round Cut Simulated Gemstone Stone on the 9.5 mm Halo Setting and round gemstones accent of .50 Ct on every side.
  • ✔LUXURIOUS FINISH : Platinum Mirror Finish (Rhodium Plated) Rich In Quality Simulated Gemstone Crystals (AAAAA CZ)
  • ✔BUY With Full Confidence: We’re a recognised jewellery business located in London in addition to a proud “Assay Assured” jewellery store verified through the Edinburgh Assay office. We have a very experienced and qualified team, trained by first class trade institutions like the Gemological Institute Of The Usa (GIA), The Gemological Association of effective Britain (Jewel-A), and also the National Association Of Jewellers (NAJ)
  • ✔PRESENTATION : Absolutely Beautiful Unique Ring Luxury Ring Comes With Gift Box. Perfect gift for anniversary, birthdays, Valentines, Wedding

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